About us

SERSitive is a new brand at the SERS market. We provide cutting-edge SERS substrates made for fast and accurate analysis for a wide range of analytical sciences such as pharmacy, forensic laboratories, border guard laboratories, medicine and many others.  Our innovative technology enhances the sensitivity of widely known Raman spectroscopy, multiple times, due to it’s hi-tech roughened surface of silver or silver-gold nanoparticles.

About company:

“SERSitive” was funded by The National Centre for Research and Development as a result of a scientific grant (PBS2/A1/8/2013). Our substrates were invented by specialists from Soft Condensed Matter and Surface Nanoengineering Groups working in one of the top scientific institutes in Poland – Institute of Physical Chemistry PAS.

About the technique:

Our substrates are made due to process of highly effective coating using the electrodeposition of nanoparticles technique. Thus we have a high level of control over the processes that take place during the production, therefore the substrates have superb parameters. Our company is continuously improving the quality of the products to meet special needs of our clients.

The technique of producing our SERS platforms is claimed in two patent applications: no. P.408785 (09.07.2014) and no. P.421072 (31.03.2017).

Our products have already been used in biological applications and published

There are two types of surface that we offer:

“Hybrid” substrate
coated with silver-gold nanoparticles
Silver substrate 
coated with silver nanoparticles